Community Services-Cleansing

Refuse Removal and Cleansing

The Refuse Removal and Cleansing Section is a section that is within the Community Services Department that falls under the Directorate of Municipal and Social Services.


To provide acceptable Affordable and sustainable refuse removal and cleansing services to all the residents of the City.

Refuse Removal and Cleansing Section has the following Sub Sections

Refuse Removal;
Night Soil Removal;
Street Cleansing;
Vacuum Services
Public Toilets;
Additional Refuse; and
Administration and Support Services.

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a. Refuse Removal

This Section provides a uniform refuse removal service to all our residential sites, business premises and industrial sites by removing the refuse generated and disposed at the landfill site.
Different types of systems are in use, namely: Plastic bags; 85 litre containers; 240 litre containers; and 1,100 litre containers. Household and/or business refuse are removed at least once a week.

b. Night Soil Removal

This Section renders a service to residential and business premises once a week in areas where no water-borne sewerage are available, by means of 20 litre plastic pails (buckets) and dispose it at the sewerage works.

C.Street Cleansing 

This Section renders a service in the CBD areas, small CBD areas within residential areas and all main roads by means of litter picking.
The service is being rendered during normal working hours and on weekends and public holidays.

D. Vacuum Tanks

This Section renders a service to residential premises where no water-borne sewerage or night soil services are available. Specialized vehicles are used to render the service.<

E. Public Toilets

This Section renders service at all public toilets by means of maintaining and cleaning the toilets.

F. Additional Refuse

This Section is rendering a service by removing additional refuse that is dumped illegally and the disposal thereof at the landfill sites.  Teams picking up small dumping s are doing this.  For bigger areas front-end loaders and tipper trucks are used.

G. Support And Administration

This is mainly the Senior Management of the section who is responsible for the administration of the section as well as executing of the operational and capital budget.

Strategic Objectives

The key issues are:

Refuse Removal:
Refuse removal and disposal;
Night soil removal;
Vacuum services removal;
Dead animal removal;
Additional refuse removal on open spaces.
Street and Pavement cleansing;
Public Toilets
Law Enforcement:
Law Enforcement on Waste Dumping in Public Places & Environmental Awareness Campaigns.

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