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Quotation No & Heading
Quotation No: MFPM 22/2014: Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Manual Security Boom Gates At The Fresh Produce Market
Quotations CORS 2/2014: Supply and delivery of file folders
Re-Advert Quotation: DDCS/P/Q5 -2014:  Cutting Of Problematic Trees (Tree Felling) For The City Of Matlosana.
Older Quotations

Re-Advert Quotation: MPFM1/2014  Supply And Delivery Of Protective Clothing At Fresh Produce Market .

Quotation No:  FS1/2014: Acturial Valuation Of Employee Benefit Liabilities (Post Employmeny Medical Aid Contributions) For The Years Ending 30 June 2013 And 30 June 2014.

Quotation No: MPFM11/2014: Repairs And Maintenance Of American Lincoln7760 Sweeper And Scrubbing Combination Machine At The Fresh Produce Market For A Period Of Twelve Months.

Quotation no: EE 2014-06: supply and delivery only of street distribution kiosks

Quotation no: MPFM 1/2014: Supply and delivery of protective clothing at Fresh Produce Market

Quotation no: B4/2014: Waterproofing of the administration block roof – Stilfontein

Quotation: EE 2013-15: General repairs on brakes, hydraulic pump and service on TLB CAT 428B

Quotation no: CE41\2\2014: supply, delivery and installation of dual cylinder chlorinators

Re-advert : Quotation No: Cors 2/2014: lease of new franking machine for a period of three years.

Re-advert: Quotation no: MFPM 12/2014: Repairs and maintenance of the fork lift at the fresh produce market as and when required for a period of twelve months.

Quotation no: DDCS/P/Q4-2014: Supply & delivery of customised and standard 2nd hand shipping containers for the City of Matlosana

Re-advert: Quotation no: PS-F-Q2-2014: Request for proposals to conduct fire capacity assessment in DR Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.

Quotation no cew1/2/2013: Water supply to rural settlement (Nkagisang CPA water reticulation and water meters).

Quotation: Cors 1. 2014.02 providing of on site training to cherry picker and truck mounted crane operators

Quotation: EE 2014-14: Testing of aerial platforms and truck mounted cranes

Request for proposal to conduct Fire Risk Assessment.

Advert For Vehicles Repairs

Supply And Delivery of 10 Standard Pallet Trucks

Repairs and Maintenance of One Complete Gear Box and clutch of Roll Back Truck

Quatation BID FS 2/2014

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