Community Services

Community Services


Community Services is a Department that falls under the Directorate of Municipal and Social Services.


The Department's vision is to provide recreational and community services to all the residents of the KOSH area.
This will be achieved by developing and maintaining recreational facilities by establishing a user friendly, green, clean, neat and beautiful city. and by also developing and maintaining the cultural heritage of the city. and to render an uniform cleansing service to all the residents of the city.


It is to render the optimum standard of service delivery, which is accessible, effective and efficient to the whole community by using our resources and our budget efficiently and cost effectively.


To render a support service to all sub-sections of the Community Services.
To strengthen the supervision of services in order to improve the standard of service delivery.
To use our resources effectively and efficiently while rendering services.
To improve the general cleanliness and the greening of the areas.
Promoting a sense of ownership in all our community, developments through community participation and campaigns.
Reduction in the number of complaints and handling them appropriately.
Completing our capital projects and our IDP at the end of the financial year.
Developing and maintaining all our sport facilities for the recreational purposes of our community.

Divisions in the Department

Cleansing Refuse Removal Section.
Library Services;
Museum; GoudKoppie heritage Hill;
Parks, Cemeteries,& Aerodrome Section,
Sport & Recreation Section;
Support Administration Section;

Contact Person

Deputy Director: Community Services
Mrs. Jerminah Masilo

Contact number: 018 464 1386/7/8
Fax number: 018 464 1389
E-Mail address:

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