Supply Chain

Contact Name Contact Position Contact Number E-Mail Address
Ben Motileni Assistant Director SCM (018) 487 8026
Peter Mokhasi Acquisition Management Officer (018 ) 487 8258
Max Pelesane Administration Officer (018 ) 487 8247

Marking of Tender Documents

Sealed tenders/quotations marked with the correct reference number(s) and addressed to the Municipal Manager,
City of Matlosana, must be placed in the tender box in the foyer of the Civic Centre, Bram Fischer Street, Klerksdorp,
not later than 11:00 on the closing date shown and will be opened in public on same date and time.

Does the City Of Matlosana have a Supply Chain Policy?

Yes download it here

Are there free Tenders?

Depending on the type of tender, there might be a non-refundable fee
payable for certain tenders. It will always be indicated on the tender notice.

Do I need to be registered?

All (potential) suppliers of council for goods and or services must be registered with the SCM Unit.
This can be done by completing an Enterprise Declaration Affidavit (EDA) and submitted with all requested documentation.
Companies should make sure that details are kept up to date.
It is recommended that affidavits be updated every six months to ensure that information is still correct.
NO PAYMENT CAN BE MADE TO ANY SUPPLIER without completion of an EDA.

Can a tender be disqualified?

Tender submissions must be in the original (no fax copies), and include all information requested in the tender document.
The document must also be returned in the state it was issued, e.g. no dismantling of the document.
Any extra information from the tenderer should be attached separately.
Should any requested information not be supplied or documents not signed,
the tender will be immediately disqualified.

The use of correction fluid is also prohibited. All corrections are to be deleted by means of a strike through line, corrected and signed.
All tenders must be accompanied by an Enterprise Declaration Affidavit.

All tenders / quotations will be adjudicated according to council’s Supply Chain Management Policy.
based on the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, Act 5 of 2000.
Tenders will be adjudicated according to the Preferential Goal Calculation method, on an 80/20 or 90/10 point system.
Also to be used in conjunction with the Preferential Procurement By-Law.

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