Corporate-Human Resources


Provide and establish a stable and productive workforce for the functioning of Council's departments and strive for a cost effective personnel management system and procedures. Provide training to all staff members.
Establish and maintain the recruitment process which will enhance capacitation and service delivery within the municipality’s area of jurisdiction.

Description of Activity

Training and Development
Intern ship Management.
Skills development.
Learners hip apprenticeship.
Provision of Employee study loans & Bursaries.
Capacity Building
Skills Audits.
Study Bursaries

Recruitment and Selection

Receiving Curriculum Vitae' s.
Capturing of Curriculum Vitae’s.
Short listing of candidates.
New employee induction.
Company benefits
Housing Subsidy.
Cell phone allowance.
Travelling allowance.
Probation Administration.

Labour Relations

Legislation.( Compliance)
Applicable Regulations.(Compliance)
Bargaining Agreements.(Compliance) Grievances and appeal applications.
Handling of conciliations and arbitration.
Review applications.
Maintenance of work place stability, Advice on Labour legislation, regulation and bargaining agreements and to promote sound labour relations.

Employee Assistance Programme

EAP  is  a confidential Counselling Service offered by City Of Matlosana Municipality to its employees.
The City recognizes  staff as its most important and valuable resources and holds the view that staff should be well cared for.
Employees can access confidential counseling on wide range of issues affecting their lives.

EAP assists staff with the following:

Family Problems.
Life Skills.
Substance Abuse.
Any other issues staff  might not wish to share with managers, supervisors, colleagues, or family.


Leave management, Educational loans (Family study loans), death claims, Housing loans and pension fund queries. More

Contact Person: Deputy Director Human Resources
Contact number: 018 487 8021
Fax number: 018 487 8594

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