Corporate Governance-Administration


The function of the Division is to ensure smooth administration of Council by providing timeous compilation,
printing and delivery of Council agendas and its Committees to Councillors and Directors.
Also responsible for management of information and providing communication strategy that will enhance participatory democracy.
Also booking of halls and archives/filing of all Council documents

Description of Activity

Operating Structures

  • The Administration section have the following units :

  • Committee Secretariat-responsible for compiling agendas and taking minutes of Section 79 and Section 80 Committees of Council,
    as well as other Council correspondence.
  • Typing of letters and other documents and compilation of agendas
  • Printing of agendas of Council and other documents
  • Records responsible for keeping all personnel files and other files for the Council in terms of National Archive Act.
  • Hall Booking Services-responsible for bookings in all community halls and other Council halls around the KOSH Areas.
  • Switchboard which is linked to all Council offices in order to improve answering of calls.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To improve the departmental information technology.
  • To improve a cost effective electronic document management system.
  • To provide proper printing and photocopying functions for Council
  • Renovation of Councils properties being leased to the public.
  • Ensure clean halls and offices at all times.

Contact Details

Deputy Director:
Mr ND Ciya
Contact Details:
Tel : +27 18 487 8024
Fax : +27 18 487 8304
Cell : +27 83 646 0579
Email : :

Assistant Director Admin:
Ms J van Rensburg
Contact Details:

Tel : +27 18 487 8007
Fax : +27 86 948 086
Cell : +27 82 970 9946
Email :

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