Office Of The Single Whip

Single Whip of The City Of Matlosana

Cllr K Ndincede

Contact Details:
Tel : +27 18 487 8006
Fax : +27 18 464 1389
Email :

The Role of The Office Of The Single Whip

The role of the Office Of The Single Whip is to provide effective, transparent, accountable and coherent corporate governance and conduct effective oversight of the affairs of councillors irrespective of political party affiliation.

For enquiries regarding moral regeneration contact 018 487 8006

Contact Details

Assistant Director in the Office of The Chief Whip


Contact number: Tel: 018 487 8482
Fax number: 018 487 8534
E-Mail address:

Secretary Of The Chief Whip

Ms Asisi B Hawa

Contact Number:
Tel : +27 18 487 8354
E-Mail address:

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