Civil Services And Human Settlement-Town Planning

Role of the Section

The Planning and Building Control Section are responsible for all activities associated with development initiatives of erven of
Council and in support of the private sector.

Description of the Activity

Ongoing spatial planning for the entire municipal area
Ensure development facilitation of all new property development
Policy foundation to standardize the land use application processes and to ensure that legislation
governing it is implemented correctly and consistently Effective land use management
Control management of outdoor advertising in the city
Up-keeping of the Geographic Information System
Deals with all building plans submitted for approval and the related inspections for
such premises during construction
The provision of basic Building inspection services
Building surveying and control maintained on a monthly basis
Approved Spatial Development Framework

Contact Person

Assistant Director : Mr D Selemoseng

Contact number: 018-487-8365
Fax number: 018-462-6154
Email address:

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