Civil Services And Human Settlement-Sewerage


To contribute to the enhanced quality of life and prosperity of all the people in the municipal area
by providing an affordable, efficient and cost effective sanitation service through a well established
and maintained infrastructure.
The enhanced quality of life includes the eradication of the bucket system being
replaced with proper and healthy water borne sewer system.

The objective of sanitation is:

To fill vacant positions in order to ensure sufficient maintenance
teams for the maintenance of sewer networks and the proper day-to-day
running of the waste water treatment plants, thus rendering an effective service to the community.
To complete the increase in capacity of the Hartbeesfontein waste water treatment plant to
ensure that more development of the
town can take place owing to the upgraded waste water treatment plant.

Description of the activity

Design sewer networks for new development.
Implement maintenance programmes on sewer installations.
Treatment of waste water (sewerage and effluent) to statutory standards.
Reception of attendance to sewerage related complaints.
Contract and construction management of new sewer network infrastructure.
The Council adopted the minimum level of sanitation service to be a sewer connection to each erven
from water borne sewer reticulation, serving a flushing toilet system on the relevant erven.

Contact Person

Assistant Director

Contact number: 018-487-8381/8611
Fax number: 018-462-6154
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