Civil Services And Human Settlement-Water


Water distribution involves the bulk purchase of water and its distribution by the Water Section.
Midvaal Water Company is the water service provider for the supply of bulk water to the KOSH area,
whilst the City of Matlosana, the water service authority,
is responsible for the retail and distribution thereof.
The level and standard of water services for rural areas are communal standpipes at
RDP standards and erven connections and water borne sanitation for urban areas.

Description of the activity

Creating of new infrastructure from distribution of the water to the consumer.
Purchase and storage of water in bulk.
Distribute the water through a water network that includes pump-stations, pipes, and water-meters.
Test and replacement of water-meters.
Water quality testing and treatment.
Ongoing assistance to ensure that new developments are expedited and water infrastructure
is installed in accordance with standards and specifications.
Analysis of all aspects of the existing water-supply system to pro-actively
identify worn-out infrastructure, problems and bottlenecks.
Continuous management and control to ensure the optimum availability of the water supply infrastructure

Contact Person

Assistant Director : Johannes Pilusa

Contact number: 018-487-8034
Fax number: 018-462-6154
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