About Us


" Aspire to be a leading municipality by 2020 with satisfied stakeholders and a healthy, sustainable financial position"


"Leading and managing our City effectively and efficiently in partnership with others, facilitating the generating and safeguarding of financial resources and ensuring sustained development of Municipal services for our people"


People's well-being, security & health, work conditions. fairness, justice, empathy, respect, dignity of work, real jobs, worthwhile endeavours. participation, involvement, communication,feedback, recognition, Just rewards, Customer care and Batho pele.


work ethic, time management, task focused ,positive mindset, passion, energy, perseverance, initiative, creative, innovation, aligned purpose, goals focused, result focused, responsibility, accountability, commitment, delivery, progress control & correction, working quantity & quality.


Cnr Braamfisher & O.R Thambo

P.O.Box 99

Contact Details:

Tel No : +27 18 487 8000
Fax No : +27 18 487 1652
E-Mail address: communications@klerksdorp.org

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